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Walk­ing Around is a guide to New York’s eth­nic neighborhoods.

The site now con­tains most­ly lists of neigh­bor­hoods & what groups live there, but I want to ex­pand the site to in­clude mark­ers (main streets you can walk around; key stores or pub­lic spaces in the neigh­bor­hood to go to; links to on­line guides; etc) as well.

The list is small, but New York’s neigh­bor­hoods are huge and seem­ing­ly end­less — so I’d love to add in oth­er lo­ca­tions, groups, mark­ers, and in­for­ma­tion that I don’t have here.

If you e‑mail at [email protected] with sug­ges­tions or ad­di­tions, then I’ll up­date the site, so we have com­pre­hen­sive & ac­cu­rate information!

A spe­cial thanks to every­one who con­tributed to this site…

This site was cre­at­ed by Steven Mor­gan Fried­man, aka westegg.com

Do you have any information or neighborhoods to add to this list? It is far from complete! Please e-mail me at: [email protected]

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