Walking Around - New York City's Ethnic Neighborhoods

Walking Around is a guide to New York’s ethnic neighborhoods.

The site now contains mostly lists of neighborhoods & what groups live there, but I want to expand the site to include markers (main streets you can walk around; key stores or public spaces in the neighborhood to go to; links to online guides; etc) as well.

The list is small, but New York’s neighborhoods are huge and seemingly endless — so I’d love to add in other locations, groups, markers, and information that I don’t have here.

If you e-mail at morgan@westegg.com with suggestions or additions, then I’ll update the site, so we have comprehensive & accurate information!

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to this site…

This site was created by Steven Morgan Friedman, aka westegg.com

Do you have any information or neighborhoods to add to this list? It is far from complete! Please e-mail me at: morgan@westegg.com

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