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Ethnic Group: Russian

Neighborhood: Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Concentration in the neighborhood: High

Let me know if you know some interesting places within or info about the neighborhood, so I can add it in here…

Every neighborhood has a lot of different characteristics — from the ethnic immigration patterns, to how the streets were designed — to the smells and sounds!

The historical ethnic groups often survive until today — and in some neighborhoods, like Greenpoint, they’re as strong as ever.

If you love the city, I’d recommend a few things. First, New York is a WALKING city par excellence: walk around everywhere. Don’t be scared. No one will hurt you. (Remember, almost all crime is between people who know each other; at the same time, don’t be stupid!)

Another recommendation I have is to check out my love letter to New York, Overheard in New York. It is a record of the crazy, ridiculous, funny, and very offensive things that the people on the streets of New York say. It’s the next best thing to being there yourself, walking around.

Oh, and if you are there, then let me know what you think!!! I love learning how everyone reacts to New York, and what else you discover. My email is morgan@westegg.com and I’m Morgan, the guy behind the page!

Above all, remember that what makes New York unique and awesome is how all these different groups come together, and get along well–broadly speaking, at least. There’s tension everywhere. On the most superficial level, New York is about the great food; but on the deeper level, the combination of cultures goes far behind just the sights and sounds, but into the culture itself: every immigrant group has left its mark on New York.

But the question for you is: how will you leave your mark?

Do you have any information or neighborhoods to add to this list? It is far from complete! Please e-mail me at: morgan@westegg.com

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