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Ethnic Group: Polish & Ukranian (former)

Neighborhood: East Village, Manhattan

Concentration in the neighborhood: Low

Points of Interest: Cafe Veselka

Let me know if you know some in­ter­est­ing places with­in or in­fo about the neigh­bor­hood, so I can add it in here…

Every neigh­bor­hood has a lot of dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter­is­tics — from the eth­nic im­mi­gra­tion pat­terns, to how the streets were de­signed — to the smells and sounds!

The his­tor­i­cal eth­nic groups of­ten sur­vive un­til to­day — and in some neigh­bor­hoods, like Green­point, they’re as strong as ever.

If you love the city, I’d rec­om­mend a few things. First, New York is a WALK­ING city par ex­cel­lence: walk around every­where. Don’t be scared. No one will hurt you. (Re­mem­ber, al­most all crime is be­tween peo­ple who know each oth­er; at the same time, don’t be stupid!)

An­oth­er rec­om­men­da­tion I have is to check out my love let­ter to New York, Over­heard in New York. It is a record of the crazy, ridicu­lous, fun­ny, and very of­fen­sive things that the peo­ple on the streets of New York say. It’s the next best thing to be­ing there your­self, walk­ing around.

Oh, and if you are there, then let me know what you think!!! I love learn­ing how every­one re­acts to New York, and what else you dis­cov­er. My email is [email protected] and I’m Mor­gan, the guy be­hind the page!

Above all, re­mem­ber that what makes New York unique and awe­some is how all these dif­fer­ent groups come to­geth­er, and get along well–broadly speak­ing, at least. There’s ten­sion every­where. On the most su­per­fi­cial lev­el, New York is about the great food; but on the deep­er lev­el, the com­bi­na­tion of cul­tures goes far be­hind just the sights and sounds, but in­to the cul­ture it­self: every im­mi­grant group has left its mark on New York.

But the ques­tion for you is: how will you leave your mark?

Do you have any information or neighborhoods to add to this list? It is far from complete! Please e-mail me at: [email protected]

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