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This list is for those who enjoy exploring the worlds that are within New York. If you want to share stories about your experiences exploring New York, or to wander together, then e-mail me!

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Neighborhood Borough Group Area within neighborhood Concentration More info
Astoria Queens Greek Ditmars High
Astoria Queens Egyptian Steinway, south of the BQE Medium
Belle Harbor Queens Irish Medium
Belmont Bronx Italian Arthur Ave Medium
Belmont Bronx Albanian Arthur Ave Medium
Bensonhurst Brooklyn Italian Medium
Bensonhurst Brooklyn Irish Low
Bensonhurst Brooklyn Hassidic Medium
Borough Park Brooklyn Chassidic Jews High
Breezy Point Queens Irish High
Brighton Beach Brooklyn Russian High
Chelsea Manhattan Gay Medium
Chinatown Manhattan Chinese (Hong Kong & China) High
Cobble Hill Brooklyn Italian Medium
Corona Queens Dominican Medium
Crown Heights Brooklyn Chassidic Jews High
East Village Manhattan Polish & Ukranian (former) Low
Elmhurst Queens Colombia High
Flatbush Brooklyn West Indian Medium
Flatlands Brooklyn West Indian High
Flushing Queens Chinese (Tawain) High
Flushing Queens Filipino Low
Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn German High
Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn Irish High
Greenpoint Brooklyn Polish Medium
Greenpoint Brooklyn Italian Low
Greenpoint Brooklyn Irish (former) Note McGuinness Blvd Low
Highbridge Bronx Ghana Medium
Hollis Queens Caribbean Medium
Jackson Heights Queens Indian & Bengali 74th St High
Jackson Heights Queens Colombian Medium
Jackson Heights Queens Argentina & Uruguay Low
Jamaica Queens West Indian High
King's Highway Brooklyn Israeli Low
Koreatown Manhattan Korean 32nd St between 5th & 6th Medium
Little Italy Manhattan Italian (former) Mulberry St. Medium
Lower East Side Manhattan Jewish (former) Low
Lower East Side Manhattan Indian Curry Row - 6th St between 1st & 2nd Ave Medium
Lower East Side Manhattan Ukranian 7th - between 2nd & 3rd Low
Manhattan Beach Brooklyn Italian High
Midtown Manhattan Brazilian & Portuguese (former) 47th St Low
Midwood Brooklyn Orthodox Jews Medium
Morris Heights Bronx Ghana Medium
Morris Park Bronx Italian Medium
Morris Park Queens Albanian Medium
Newark New Jersey Brazilian & Portuguese Ironbound High
Ocean Parkway Brooklyn Syrian Jews Low
Park Slope Brooklyn Lesbian Medium
Ridgewood Queens Romania, Yugoslavia, Balkans Medium
Ridgewood Queens Polish Medium
Ridgewood Queens German (former) Including German Jewish Low
Rockaway Park Queens Irish Rockaway is sometimes known as the "Irish Riviera" High
Roxbury Queens Irish High
Soundview Bronx Dominican Republic Medium
Soundview Bronx Puerto Rican Medium
South Slope Brooklyn Polish & Czech Medium
Spanish Harlem Manhattan Puerto Rican High
Spanish Harlem Manhattan Mexican Medium
Spanish Harlem Manhattan Italian (former) Low
Sunnyside Queens Irish Medium
Sunnyside Queens Hispanic Medium
Sunnyside Queens Korean Medium
Sunset Park Brooklyn Chinese Low
Sunset Park Brooklyn Puerto Rican West Low
Sunset Park Brooklyn Mexican North Low
Tremont Bronx Ghana Medium
Tremont Bronx Jamaica Medium
Tremont Bronx Guyana Medium
Tremont Bronx Central America Medium
Tremont Bronx Ecuador Medium
University Heights Bronx Vietnamese & Cambodian Medium
Upper West Side Manhattan Dominican 100s, 110s Medium
Wakefield Bronx Jamaican & Caribbean 241st & White Plains Road High
Washington Heights Manhattan Dominican High
Washington Heights Manhattan German Jews (former) Low
West Village Manhattan Gay Medium
Whitestone Queens Old Folks High
Williamsburg Brooklyn Chassidic Jews South Williamsburg High
Williamsburg Brooklyn Hipsters North Williamsburg, Bedford Ave High
Williamsburg Brooklyn Polish North Williamsburg Medium
Williamsburg Brooklyn Puerto Rican East Williamsburg, Broadway High
Williamsburg Brooklyn Israeli North Williamsburg Medium
Williamsburg Brooklyn Italian Between Grand Street, the BQE, and Newton Creek Medium
Woodlawn Bronx Irish High
Woodside Queens Irish Medium

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